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Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship


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20/09/2011 - A criminal policy to enforce EU rules and help protect taxpayers' money

In a policy Communication published today, the European Commission sets out the conditions under which the Union and member states can work together to put in place a coherent and consistent EU criminal policy. This will enable the Union to define if, when and how to use criminal law to better enforce a policy.


14/09/2011 - Viewing the crisis as an opportunity – Towards a new Schuman Plan

During the conference with Jacques Delors at Science Po in Paris, Viviane Reding presented her vision for the future of the European Union.

"My vision for tomorrow is that by 2020 our Europe will have changed into a real 'European Confederation' (…)


13/09/2011 - 700,000 legal professionals to be trained in EU law

In a policy paper agreed today, the European Commission aims to ensure that half of all legal practitioners in the European Union – around 700,000 – gain some form of European judicial training by 2020. Legal practitioners will be equipped to apply European law, part of their role as judges and lawyers at national level.


01/09/2011 - EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding in Schengen

Viviane Reding is holding a seminar with her cabinet in Schengen Thursday and Friday (1-2 September). She will take strategic decisions on the political priorities and initiatives for the coming 12 months. Commissioner Reding said: "The decision to go to Schengen has obvious reasons. Schengen is not only a beautiful village. It is a synonym for 'free movement'."