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Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

Making citizens’ lives easier


Removing obstacles for the disabled

Factsheet (published December 2010) pdf - 85 KB [85 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)

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Tibor, who lives in Hungary, needs a wheelchair to move around because of his worsening diabetes condition. He loves to visit other EU countries but faces many obstacles. For instance, most hotels have no or only very few adapted rooms and many of the places he wants to visit do not have easy access for wheelchair users. Before taking a trip, he has to find out where he will have the least problems and whether he can get travel insurance coverage.

Which action(s) did the 2010 EU Citizenship Report foresee?

  • Improve the quality of transport for elderly people, Passengers with Reduced Mobility and for disabled passengers, including better accessibility of infrastructure.
  • To give an annual award to the most accessible European cities.
  • To promote better access to services such as travel insurance and to develop and foster the use of EU wide standards on accessibility to the built environment.

What progress has been made?

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