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The Task Force for Greece

The Task Force is a resource at the disposal of the Greek authorities as they seek to build a modern and prosperous Greece, characterised by economic opportunity and social equity, and served by an efficient administration with a strong public service ethos. Reforming Greek public administration requires sustained effort and a determination to change on the part of Greek government and all parts of society. Through the creation of the Task Force, Greece's European partners are demonstrating their strong will to assist Greece in this venture.

On 20 July 2011, President Barroso launched a Task Force to provide technical assistance to Greece after consultations with the Greek Prime Minister. The President's proposals were supported by the 23-24 June 2011 European Council. The purpose of the Task Force is to identify and coordinate the technical assistance that Greece needs to deliver of the EU/IMF adjustment programme and accelerate the absorption of EU funds. Its work focuses on economic growth, competitiveness and employment and it provides quarterly progress reports to the Greek authorities and to the European Commission. The Task Force is based in Brussels with an office in Athens. It reports to the President and works under the political guidance of Vice President Olli Rehn.