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Letter to 8 member states' leaders on youth unemployment

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President Barroso on Tuesday sent letters to the leaders of eight member states with youth unemployment levels significantly above the EU average: Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, Latvia and Ireland. In the letter he outlined the proposed steps to be taken, including: the nomination of a contact person by national authorities, a visit by the Commission team in February, and the identification of the necessary elements of a youth employment plan and the support schemes for SMEs which could be accelerated or benefit from funding not yet committed from within the national Structural Funds allocation. The objective is to develop by mid-April targeted plans to be included in the National Reform Programmes in which each member state outlines its economic policy priorities in the context of the European Semester.

News from the informal European Council, 30 January 2012

Letters addressed to the national leaders:

  • Spain pdf - 542 KB [542 KB] español (es)
  • Greece pdf - 573 KB [573 KB] ελληνικά (el)
  • Slovakia pdf - 156 KB [156 KB] slovenčina (sk)
  • Lithuania pdf - 129 KB [129 KB] lietuvių kalba (lt)
  • Italy pdf - 144 KB [144 KB] italiano (it)
  • Portugal pdf - 529 KB [529 KB] português (pt)
  • Latvia pdf - 134 KB [134 KB] latviešu valoda (lv)
  • Ireland pdf - 128 KB [128 KB]

Informal European Council, 30 January 2012