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EU – US Summit, Washington DC, 28 November

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We have reaffirmed our determination to work closely together for the stability of the global economy.

"We have just reaffirmed our determination to work closely together for the stability of the global economy and for the benefit of our peoples," stated President Barroso after the EU – US Summit. He added that "the way forward in Europe is through more integration." The President said the EU and the US decided to create a High-Level Working Group for Jobs and Growth in order to help ensure that the transatlantic economy can be an engine for the recovery of the world economy. This group will examine how to strengthen the EU-US trade and investment relationship and in so doing boost growth and job creation. "But today’s world is not just about economy," said President Barroso. "It is also about values and standards. The EU and the US share a firm belief in freedom, democracy, human rights, and prosperity. They are the hallmarks of our societies and what binds us together," he concluded.

"Today’s globalised world is not just about economy but also about values and standards."

European Commission President Barroso, together with European Council President Van Rompuy and Vice-President / High Representative Ashton, will attend the EU – US Summit today in Washington DC. The EU leaders will meet US President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss global economic issues, bilateral relations and opportunities to promote growth and jobs. Foreign policy issues will also be on the agenda, including how best to contribute to the development of democracy and prosperity in the European neighbourhood, including north Africa and the Middle East, as well as the promotion of our common values in other regions of the world.

EU-US Summit in Washington to further strengthen the transatlantic partnership

Statement by President Barroso at the joint press point with President Obama and President Van Rompuy at the EU-US Summit in Washington

EU-US Summit joint statement

Fact sheet on High-Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth

Video from the press conference