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Debate on economic governance

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In the future, we will need to go even further on strengthening integration

In his speech in the European Parliament on economic governance, President Barroso confirmed that the Commission would bring forward to 23 November the adoption of the 2012 Annual Growth Survey, setting out the EU's policy priorities for growth and jobs for the next 12 to 18 months. "At the same time we will come forward with our proposals on further strengthening the economic governance of the euro," he said. "We are indeed now facing a truly systemic crisis that requires an even stronger commitment from all", the President added. "In the future, we will need to go even further on strengthening integration. And this will require Treaty changes. And let me be clear: I am in favour of Treaty change if it is to reinforce the European Union, the Community method, the European institutions and the sense of common purpose."

The President underlined that the euro is a central part of the European Union, "not something separate or apart. The euro is not an opt-out from the EU. This is why we should implement the Community approach when we deal with the euro. We will not make the euro stronger through fragmentation of the European Union", he stressed.

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Video - Full Statement by President Barroso on economic governance