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Barroso's Task Force for Northern Ireland in Belfast


José Manuel Barroso (c) EU The members of the EC Northern Ireland Task Force are visiting Belfast to discuss with the Northern Ireland departments their priorities for the future. President Barroso said: "I was the first international leader to meet Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness after agreement on restoration of the political institutions in May 2007. We have seen good progress in the last four years. I want to see more. I'm delighted that the Task Force is back in Belfast to give a new momentum to this work".

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President Barroso received the Steiger Award, Bochum, Germany


José Manuel Barroso (c) EU President Barroso received the Steiger Award 2011 in the category "Europe" for his efforts to build a strong Europe, to shape the international community of states and for his vision of a young, modern, tolerant Europe based on solidarity. Among the other award-winning personalities in 2011 were the famous actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, the rock stars Roger Daltrey and Mark Knopfler, Egon Bahr and Cherie Blair.

President Barroso's speech

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