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Interview with the Die Welt on the Treaty change


German Flag (Commons) Ahead of the European Council on 9 December, President Barroso gave an interview to Die Welt in which he set out his expectations for the summit and on the issue of Treaty change. He reiterated that the European Commission is in favour of amending the Treaties if it is for more integration and discipline beyond what has already been agreed or proposed. "Important for me is a new fiscal pact," he said. He also stressed how much the Commission is doing in terms of fiscal discipline and structural reform and emphasised its comprehensive approach. On Stability Bonds he reiterated what the recently published green paper is about and said: "Only when this fiscal irresponsibility is not possible any more, eurobonds can be a natural and advantageous means for the euro area." President Barroso also expressed his appreciation for the German-French duo saying that it would be problematic if there were fundamental differences between the two. "I have no problem with their initiatives and really welcome that they meet… Partnership is indispensable, but not sufficient."

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