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"There is no stability without solidarity"


José Manuel Barroso © EU In an interview with Financial Times, president Barroso expressed confidence that solidarity would prevail among Member States to make a decision on providing financial assistance to Greece at the upcoming European Council: "There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability.” He stressed that it "is completely wrong and misleading to say that because of the "no bail-out" clause there can not be help to some Member States". Since the IMF had intervened in several EU Member States, including Latvia, Hungary and Romania, Barroso added: "I never understood these theoretical debates about the IMF being associated with our efforts.”

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We need both: solidarity and stability


José Manuel Barroso © EU In an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, president Barroso explained the intention to propose an instrument of the euro zone for coordinated bilateral loans to Greece. He underlined that an urgent decision of leaders about the instrument is needed to avoid insecurity. The eventual activation of the instrument would be decided by the euro zone in case of need. He said: "We need both: solidarity and stability." Barroso also underlined the need for stronger economic governance to address competitive divergences and pleaded for a return to "fiscal virtue".

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President Barroso, ‘The key European guest’


José Manuel Barroso © UE President Barroso is the key guest on France 24 for their new programme Ici Europe. The interview will be broadcast this weekend on TV, today at 7 pm on RFI and on the France 24 website. Barroso discussed topical issues including the Commission’s role vis-a-vis the economic situation in Greece and the preparation of the next European Council. When questioned about the likeliehood of a country being excluded from the euro zone, Barroso stated: ‘We are in favour of increased monitoring, but exclusion is not being considered in the current framework. It would even be contrary to the Treaty.’