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Q&A session in the European Parliament for the president


Nine of the 27 candidates to be the European Union's new commissioners are women, the commission president announced Tuesday at the European Parliament in Strasbourg during the second session of the Commission president question time. The rules of the game were half an hour of free questioning and half an hour of questions on the chosen topic of the day – this time the decisions on top EU jobs taken at the 19 November summit. MEPs had a minute to ask their questions, Mr Barroso one minute to answer.

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Hunger in the world: a scourge to be eliminated


‘Even the best and most modern financial policies will be in vain if the governments of developed countries do not meet their commitments by making available budgets and by making high-quality investments in agriculture at global level,’ declared President Barroso in a panel discussion published in various media prior to the World Summit on Food Security at which he will speak personally this afternoon in Rome. ‘We are now all faced with a setback in combating global hunger,’ he continued, ‘given that more than one billion people in the world still do not have enough food to satisfy their basic daily nutritional requirements, and the situation is getting worse in developing countries.’

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