President Barroso travels to Spain


On 10 April 2014, President Barroso travelled to Spain on official mission, visiting the OHIM in Alicante and meeting President Rajoy in Madrid.

On April 10th, President Barroso visited the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante. There, he met staff members from across OHIM’s departments and services, and was briefed on OHIM’s research work and studies, as well as its projects inside and outside the EU.  The President marked the end of his visit by unveiling a commemorative plaque at the construction site of OHIM´s new wing to mark the Office’s 20th anniversary.

In the afternoon of April 10th, President Barroso travelled to Madrid, where he met Spanish President Mariano Rajoy.

Read the speech by President Barroso at the OHIM (11/04/2014)

Watch the speech by President Barroso at the OHIM (11/04/2014)