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Support Group for Ukraine


The European Commission has decided today to create a Support Group for Ukraine.

This Support Group will provide a focal point, structure, overview and guidance for the Commission's work to support Ukraine. It will also help mobilise Member States' expertise and further enhance coordination with other donors and the International Financing Institutions.

"The European Commission is determined to help Ukraine for the long term.", said President Barroso. "The Commission has already proposed an overall support package worth of at least €11 billion over the next couple of years and some of these measures are already being rolled out. The political chapters of the Association Agreement have been signed, sealing the free and democratic choice of Ukraine to be closely associated with the European Union. Today's decision to create a Support Group will ensure that the Ukrainian authorities have all the support they need in undertaking the political and economic reforms that are necessary to stabilise the country. Our common goal is to have a democratic, independent and prosperous Ukraine."

Support Group for Ukraine

European Union's support to Ukraine-update

European Commission's support to Ukraine (5 March 2014)