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President Barroso in Frankfurt on 5 November

Paulskirche, Frankfurt (Wikipedia – Mylius)

President Barroso will travel to Frankfurt, Germany, on 5 November. In St. Paul's Church ("Paulskirche"), the seat of the first democratically elected parliament of Germany in 1848, President Barroso will deliver the first Frankfurt speech on Europe ("Erste Frankfurter Europarede").

This event is jointly organised by the government of the Land Hessen and the European Commission's regional Representation in Bonn in the context of the Hessian dialogue on Europe.

In the speech, President Barroso is expected to present his view about the state of European affairs and the political priorities of the European Union in the months to come.

After the German elections in September, the President is also expected to speak about the role of Germany in the European Union and express his expectations towards the new German government.

The speech will be transmitted live on EbS at around 18.45.

In the margin of the event, President Barroso will also meet with the minister-president of Hessen, Volker Bouffier, and the deputy minister-president, Jörg-Uwe Hahn, to exchange views on current European affairs.