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President Barroso: "the EU will continue supporting Cape Verde’s development"

President Barroso and President Jorge Carlos Fonseca © EU

On Monday, President Barroso met the President of Cape Verde, Mr Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

President Fonseca of Cape Verde visited the European Commission for a bilateral meeting and a working lunch with President Barroso. During the meeting, they exchanged views on the domestic political and economic situation in the country.

At the end of the meeting, President Barroso highlighted the excellent cooperation between the EU and Cape Verde. He announced that the European Commission has proposed not to reduce Cape Verde's national allocation under the 11th European Development Fund, despite a general reduction in allocations for Middle Income Countries.

The President said that Cape Verde is a case of success among developing countries with a stable and consolidated parliamentary democracy and, despite a lack of natural resources,  succeeded in becoming a middle income country in 2007 and reaching enormous progress on the MDG's. "I congratulate you and all the Cape Verdeans for these achievements", the President said.

On trade, the President said: "I congratulate Cape Verde on the application for the EU's Generalised scheme of preferences (GSP+) special incentive trading scheme which is a reflection of the excellent trade and political relationship between Cape Verde and the EU." The act by which GSP+ preferences shall be granted to Cape Verde is now under scrutiny by the Council and the European Parliament. The President added "We hope that the act will enter into force as soon as possible, so that new GSP+ preferences will be applicable to Cape Verde already on 1 January 2014. This will support the competitiveness and diversification of the economy of Cape Verde".

The 2007 EU-Cape Verde Special Partnership goes beyond a traditional donor-recipient relationship scheme and includes six priority sectors: governance, security, information society, regional integration, normative and technical convergence and fight against poverty.

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