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President Barroso announces additional 650 million euro to support Somalia

President Barroso

Today, President Barroso met the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia ahead of the conference "A New Deal for Somalia". The European Commission is pledging 650 million euro to support the country.

"Somalia has made important progress this year and this conference is a recognition of this progress. It's also a proof of the European Union’s commitment to the future of the country and a sign of confidence that the whole international community is sending to the Somali people" the President said after the bilateral meeting.

Since 2008, the EU has provided more than 1.2 billion euro (521 million euro in development aid and 697 million euro in security and counter-piracy) to support the Somali peoples' basic needs and to improve the country's security.

Thanks to its work in Somalia, the EU has trained 7,000 police officers and 170 law officials, provided over 40,000 students with basic, primary and secondary education, trained 4,000 teachers (almost 30% women) and provided 700,000 people with access to water and 80,000 people with access to basic sanitation.

After the meeting, President Barroso thanked President Mohamud's "leadership and ownership of this process towards peace, stability and prosperity" and he said the EU "will remain heavily engaged in contributing to the country’s stabilisation".

"Somalia's accession to the Cotonou Agreement", he said, "opens a new chapter in our relations - and demonstrates that Somalia has regained its status as a fully-fledged member of the international community. With this, our relations have now a solid contractual basis".

President Barroso closes this pledging Conference today at 16.30. His speech is broadcasted on EbS.

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