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Country-specific recommendations 2013

The 2013 European Semester is in full swing. The Commission has published country-specific recommendations for Member States along with an overarching communication on what is needed to return to growth and jobs.

The recommendations are based on a thorough assessment of every Member State's plans for sound public finances and economic reforms to boost growth and jobs.

In his speech at the press conference President Barroso underlined that today's recommendations are part of our comprehensive strategy to move Europe beyond the crisis.

"Europe needs a consensus on the policies that are both right for us as Union, and right for each Member State," he said and called for everyone to rally around the European Consensus now.

The Commission's analysis shows that most Member States are making progress on fiscal consolidation and are implementing reforms to increase competitiveness. However, President Barroso urged Member states to move quicker and to be more bold on so-called structural reforms that can deliver growth and jobs. "The cost of inaction will be very high," he added.

"We call on all countries to be more ambitious when it comes to growth-boosting economic reforms," the President said. He reiterated that more can be done to create the conditions for businesses to invest and create jobs. Moreover, fiscal consolidation should continue, albeit at a different pace, while remaining pockets of vulnerability in the banking sector need to be addressed.

President Barroso underlined the need to spend smartly on research and innovation to create the jobs of the future and explained that investing in people also means taking care of the most vulnerable: "Specific, focused action is needed to deliver short-term results for the unemployed, especially young people."

"Structural reforms and sound public finances are the foundation of a healthy economy. The benefit of taking action now is that Europe that will emerge stronger from this crisis," concluded the President.

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