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President Barroso and the European Commission receive President Hollande


President Francois Hollande was in Brussels on 15 May to meet President Barroso and the College of Commissioners.

The visit served as an opportunity to discuss the major issues facing Europe: how to come out of the crisis together? How to stimulate growth without increasing deficits and debt? How to respond to the emergency of youth unemployment? How to combat tax evasion and implement a real European energy policy? What should Europe’s policy be for the steel industry?

These are some of the many issues that the Commission and France wish to collaborate on in order to move Europe forward.

The bilateral meeting with President Barroso, followed by the working lunch with the College, enabled discussion of the concrete economic reforms which France plans to implement in order to stimulate growth and create jobs.

It was also an opportunity to discuss subjects such as the banking union and the future of the Economic and Monetary Union, in greater depth.

This was the first visit by a French president since 1997 (Jacques Chirac). It forms part of the political discussions which the Commission wishes to have with members of the European Council in order to work constructively with Member States.

Afterwards, the French president and President Barroso held a press conference at 15:00 which can be viewed on EBS. On the same day, the two presidents also participated in the Donor Conference "Together for a new Mali".

President Barroso's statement on President Hollande's visit

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