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President Barroso supports "Food Surplus to Feed Deprived People" initiatives


In a message addressed today to the participants of the European Parliament's public hearing on "Food surplus to feed deprived people", President José Manuel Barroso said he is "confident that a strong response to the crisis will bear fruit".

President José Manuel Barroso stressed the importance of the "Food Surplus to Feed Deprived People" initiatives.

"With more and more people unemployed, poverty is unfortunately affecting a growing number of Europeans", he said. "From the start, I have been personally engaged to ensure that the European Union will be able to provide assistance to the most deprived also in the next financial period." The President welcomed the European Council's agreement to ring-fence € 2.5 billion, as proposed by the European Commission, for the new Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived. "Together with other instruments such as the European Social Fund and the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, it will be part of what I consider to be a necessary social dimension of the European Union" he said.

President Barroso also thanked the Members of the European Parliament and civil society in Member States, including in the food banks, for their great work for social justice on the ground.

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