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Europe 2020: a blueprint for the Post-Crisis world


At the Europe 2020 summit President Barroso set out the EU's approach to facing up to our economic challenges: confidence and competitiveness are the keys to long term sustainable and inclusive growth.

In his speech President Barroso made clear that Europe needs to "stay the course". Our reforms, even if difficult, are yielding results and it's not time to row back on them, despite arguments to the contrary. He was confident that Europe's leaders will confirm their commitment to continue on the reform path.

The EU's policy response to the crisis and to our long term economic challenges, notably globalisation, has many strands.  These are mutually reinforcing, not mutually contradictory.

The President emphasised the importance of confidence as a driver of investment and growth. Confidence is built on a clear view of the future and Europe's vision of a deeper economic and monetary Union is crucial.

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