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Reforming to become better and stronger


Addressing the Forum For Agriculture President Barroso focused on how to ensure sustainable growth and presented the challenges ahead for a stronger Europe. For a better future for all we need all our policies to pull in the same direction and support the same overall objectives.

In his speech European Commission President Barroso reiterated that when we all pull together we can see the first positive results of this response.

He went on to present the elements (those targeted at agriculture, those aimed at overcoming the crisis and those which are part of EU's broader objective of long term sustainable growth and jobs) of a single coherent response and concluded with the idea that we must continue the drive for reform to make our economies more competitive and our public finances sound and sustainable.

"Reforming to become better and stronger: this is something the agricultural sector is very much a part of."

"Above all, our long term growth requires investment, and investment requires confidence in the future. We therefore need a vision of Europe, a sense of purpose supported by the political will of our Member States."