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Supporting positive momentum in Somalia

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

"Somalia has turned a page and wishes to take ownership of its future and of the well-being of its people," said President Barroso after a meeting with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Wednesday that was devoted to the ways the EU can assist Somalia on its path to a stable political future.

"I highlighted to President Mohamud during our meeting the importance of maintaining inclusive and accountable government, respect for human rights and basic freedoms, and the provision of basic social services to all Somalis," said President Barroso, adding that Somalia can count on the European Union's support.

He reiterated that the EU is already the largest donor in Somalia, having mobilized over half a billion euros in development aid since 2008 and €60 million in humanitarian assistance this year alone.

The President also encouraged Somalia's active and positive engagement in the region, highlighting the benefits that regional cooperation can bring to all countries in the Horn of Africa, for example, in trade and in tackling common challenges.

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