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Industry's key role in a stronger and greener Europe


"Europe needs manufacturing and manufacturing needs Europe", said President Barroso yesterday during his speech at the European Forum for Manufacturing, in Brussels. "Manufacturing lies at the heart of the European agenda and is a vital element in our drive towards sustainable growth and jobs creation in the European Union".

Organised by the Council of European Employers of the metal Engineering and Technology based industries (CEEMET) and the European Engineering Industries Association (ORGALIME), the meeting focused on the policy manifesto "Manufacturing a stronger and greener Europe". President Barroso stressed industry's active role and engagement as a crucial one for the objectives of a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Europe 2020 agenda.

"Industry can also generate the high productivity needed to restart sustainable growth: since the worst of the crisis in 2009, industrial productivity has risen by an impressive 35%. Moreover, only industry can improve the energy and resource efficiency needed to deliver sustainable growth in the current context of global resource scarcity and high energy prices", he said.

Through its communication on "A stronger industrial policy for growth and recovery", adopted in October, the Commission supports the sector through a range of initiatives including facilitating investment and supporting innovation for industry.

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