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Meeting with the President of Haiti

Président Martelly (c) EC

'Sometimes the European Union’s humanitarian aid can be the difference between life and death for many people throughout the world,' President Barroso said, following his meeting with President Martelly. He stressed the importance of keeping this in mind during the discussions on the future of the European budget at the European Council this week. 

The European Commission and Haiti will work together during the coming weeks to identify the priority sectors which EU aid should target, such as education, security reform and drug trafficking. 

President Barroso also congratulated the President and the Haitian government for the 'considerable work aimed at furthering reform, improving the strategic planning capacity of the government, and ensuring that the coordination of international aid is resumed'. In particular, he stressed the need to resume the coordination of international aid: 'All the parties involved, political parties and Haitian institutions, must work together to reach the compromises required to overcome the current deadlock The challenge is significant as it concerns meeting the needs of the Haitian people, who are still confronted by enormous difficulties and precarious living conditions.'

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