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Message from the president

The next weeks and months will be crucial to move further on economic governance, the Europe 2020 strategy and on financial market reform.


José Manuel Barroso © EU

"Over the past months, Europe has shown a remarkable collective capacity to tackle the crises we were facing in the economic and financial area. I am pleased to see that we were able to start restoring confidence in our European social market economy and laying the ground for sustainable growth and jobs. The next weeks and months will be crucial to move further on economic governance, the Europe 2020 strategy and on financial market reform. The Commission will remain at the forefront on all of these issues. I thank you for your interest in my website."

European Civil Protection active in forest fire fighting in Portugal


Konstantinos Stampoulis (Geraki) © Commons

The European Commission will help Portugal fighting the critical forest fire situation via the European Civil Protection Mechanism. Due to its present critical forest fire situation, on Tuesday a total of 350 forest fires were already registered. Portugal requested heavy aerial means for forest fires combat operations consisting of two water bomber planes. The request immediately triggered several offers of assistance by Italy, Greece and France, while Spain had already assisted Portugal in fighting fires in the Viseu and Braga region.

Message of condolences to the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


The Flag of Pakistan © Commons

After learning about the terrible plane accident that occurred this morning near Islamabad, President Barroso sent a message of condolences to the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr Asif Ali Zardari: "On behalf of the European Commission and on my own behalf allow me to offer you our sincere condolences and the expression of our deepest sympathy and solidarity with the families of all the victims. Please accept, dear Mr President, the assurance of my highest consideration."

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Message of condolences of President Barroso after the tragic incident at the Duisburg "Love Parade"


The German flag © Commons

In the evening of the tragic incident at the Duisburg "Love Parade" President Barroso stated: "I have learnt with deep sadness of this tragic event. In the name of the Commission, and in my name, I want to express my condolences to Germany, the state of North-Rhine Westphalia and the families of those who died. I want to wish all those who are injured a speedy and full recovery." A condolence letter was sent to the Federal President Christian Wulff.

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Visit from the Head of Government of the Principality of Andorra, Mr Jaume Bartumeu


Jaume Bartumeu, José Manuel Barroso © EU

Today, the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, received the Head of Government of the Principality of Andorra, Mr Jaume Bartumeu. The two leaders congratulated each other on the excellent relations between Andorra and the EU, and discussed deepening them further. In particular, they discussed the possibility of concluding a monetary agreement. President Barroso emphasised that it was high time that this avenue was pursued and encouraged Andorra to clarify its ambitions with regard to possible participation in the internal market.

Meeting with the eminent religious leaders

For the Commission it is clear: poverty and social exclusion do not belong in our 21st century Europe.


Herman Van Rompuy, Jerzy Buzek, Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso, president of the European Parliament Buzek and president of the European Council Van Rompuy met today with religious leaders to discuss how to combat poverty and social exclusion. "Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth simply cannot be achieved if we neglect the needs of the 84 million Europeans who live at risk of poverty," said president Barroso. "I count on religions, churches and communities of conviction to play an important role in reaching our common European aims."

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Presidents of Commission and Parliament discuss combating poverty and social exclusion with European faith leaders on 19 July 2010

Visit by the Swiss President Doris Leuthard


Doris Leuthard, José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso met the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mrs Doris Leuthard. They discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations. President Barroso expressed his conviction ‘that the time has come to give fresh impetus to our relationship and to reflect on its development together, in particular on the possibility of a more horizontal institutional framework.’ This should give citizens and companies clearer and more uniform rules. It was agreed to launch a joint reflection through a group of experts.

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Honorary Doctorate for President Barroso


José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso received the Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Estácio de Sá University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for his achievements as President of the European Commission.

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Visit to the favela of Cantagalo/Pavão–Pavãozinho in Rio de Janeiro


Favela © Commons

President Barroso, accompanied by Sérgio Cabral, the Governor of Rio de Janeiro, visited today the favela of Cantagalo/Pavão - Pavãozinho. As a result of the significant investments by the State in basic services and the establishment of community based police station, security for citizens is coming back to the streets of this favela. President Barroso also visited a social housing complex, libraries, sports and arts facilities for children and other residents of the neighbourhood.

EU-Brazil Summit, Brasilia

EU and Brazil are natural partners


José Manuel Barroso and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil © EU

Following the Fourth EU-Brazil Summit held in Brasilia, President Barroso stressed that EU and Brazil share common values and strategic objectives. He announced that leaders discussed current global economic situation, financial regulation, climate change and bio-energy, and liberalization of world trade. A civil aviation agreement was signed during the Summit meeting, which will allow closer cooperation between EU and Brazil in the area of air transport.

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Full responsibility for Member States on GMO cultivation


Maize © Commons

Today the European Commission proposed a package of measures which will allow Member States to decide to allow, restrict or prohibit the cultivation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on their territory. The proposal delivers on President Barroso's political guidelines presented in September 2009 and sends a strong signal to citizens that their sensitivities and concerns regarding GMOs are fully taken into account.

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Congratulations to the Czech Prime Minister, Petr Nečas


 Czech flag ©  Commons

President Barroso sent a message of congratulation to Petr Nečas, the new Prime Minister of the Czech Republic: "I am confident that under your leadership the Czech Republic will succeed in overcoming the economic crisis and its impacts. The Commission will do all it can to support the necessary reforms which you and your team plan to implement in your country. I wish you every success in the tasks which lie ahead of you and your ministers."

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Visit of Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority


The Palestinian Flag © Commons

President Barroso welcomed today Prime Minister Fayyad to discuss the situation in the Middle East. He emphasized that their meeting was "a sign of the strong political and financial commitment of Europe to the Palestinian Authority". "The Commission will continue to support the efforts of Prime Minister Fayyad and his government to lay the foundations for a Palestinian State".

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Visit of Prime Minister of Slovakia, Iveta Radičová


José Manuel Barroso, on the right and Iveta Radicová © EU

President Barroso and Prime Minister Iveta Radičová discussed today the current economic situation and the priorities of the new Slovak government. Both leaders agreed on the importance of reinforcing economic governance. President Barroso emphasised that "defending stability and showing solidarity and responsibility are paramount for the EU and for the credibility of the Eurozone. Today Prime Minister Radičová confirmed that Slovakia is a very responsible member of our common European project".

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Statement on the outcome of the World Cup

This championship was a truly global sporting celebration.


South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup logo © FIFA

President Barroso expressed his warmest congratulations to the Spanish football team for its "outstanding and well deserved victory". He paid tribute to the teams of the Netherlands and Germany and emphasised that the "European teams were ambassadors of Europe's spirit, energy and openness". President Barroso congratulated South Africa and its people for the perfect organisation of the World Cup, which was "a truly global sporting celebration".

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Congratulations to the Slovak Prime Minister, Iveta Radičová


The Slovakian Flag © Commons

President Barroso congratulated the new Slovak Prime Minister, Ms Iveta Radicová: "Your election has come at a crucial time and I am confident that under your leadership Slovakia will take full advantage of its membership of the European Union. I hope for your active involvement in communicating the unique European project to your citizens and I count on your support. I wish you every success in the challenging tasks which lie ahead of you and your government."

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Statement on the EP's approval of the agreement on the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme


Flags of the USA and EU montage © Commons

President Barroso welcomed the approval by the European Parliament of the agreement on the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme (TFTP) between the EU and the US. He said: "I am very delighted that the European Parliament has approved today the new version of the TFTP agreement negotiated between the European Commission and the US administration," and outlined that this agreement helps to reinforce the transatlantic relationship and, above all, is key to counter-terrorism policy on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Meeting with the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Christian Wulff

The Commission is determined to give the economic and monetary union the tools it needs to fully function.


Christian Wulff and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso summarised his meeting with the new president of the Federal Republic of Germany Christian Wulff by saying: "There was full consensus between the German President and me that we need better and closer coordination of our economic and fiscal policies. The Commission and Germany are united in their resolve to restore confidence and stability to enable Europe to come out of the crisis stronger and better equipped for the future." President Barroso also welcomed the European commitment of President Wulff and Germany.

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The programme presented by the Belgian Presidency of the European Council


Yves Leterme, acting Belgian Prime Minister © EU

"Commission, Parliament, Council, we can do much to drive Europe forward" declared President Barroso as Belgium takes on the Presidency of the Council at a crucial time for the EU. "The pressure of reality", he said, offers us extraordinary opportunities to find "European responses to major challenges", including growth. He mentioned the flagship initiatives on employment, innovation and industrial policy, and two future key areas - the development of the internal market and Europe's global trade strategy.

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Watch the joint press conference on the Belgian Presidency programme

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Review of the Spanish Council Presidency, European Parliament


José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and José Manuel Barroso © EU

At the review of the Spanish Council Presidency at the European Parliament, president Barroso commended Spain for its successful and solid work. He noted that the European Commission and the Presidency achieved positive results on key issues, notably on stabilising the economy, investing in the future growth, tougher financial regulation, a stronger Europe on the global stage and the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty. President Barroso added that Presidency had fully lived up to the EU motto "together we are stronger".

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Debate on economic governance, European Parliament

Our response to the crisis is a holistic one: we stabilise, we consolidate and we modernise.


José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso stressed that the reinforcement of economic governance is just one aspect of the EU response to the crisis. The response also included the comprehensive reform of the regulation of financial markets; new European supervisory architecture; the measures to secure financial stability and structural reforms. "We prepare our social market economy to ensure a better future for our citizens," the president said and added that our approach to economic governance is to have rules that are more comprehensive and more efficient.

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Meeting with the French Prime Minister, François Fillon


François Fillon and José Manuel Barroso © EU

After meeting Prime Minister François Fillon, President Barroso praised the ambitious reforms announced by the French Government in the last few weeks, particularly with regard to pensions. He stated that we are seeing a period of economic recovery but that Europe is still vulnerable. He stressed that our common aim is to consolidate recovery on a long-term basis, boost growth, create jobs and restore confidence by committing to structural reforms.

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Congratulation to the president of the Republic of Hungary, Pál Schmitt


The Hungarian flag © Commons

President Barroso congratulated Mr Pál Schmitt, newly elected Hungarian president saying: "Your election has come at a crucial time, as Hungary, together with other Member States, embarks on the path of economic recovery. Your country faces difficult choices in difficult times. It is also actively preparing to take over the presidency of the European Union. Addressing you as former Vice President of the European Parliament, I am confident about your deep commitment to the European Project."

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Congratulations to the Polish president, Bronislaw Komorowski


The Polish flag © Commons

President Barroso sent a message of congratulations to Bronislaw Komorowski, the President-elect of the Republic of Poland. In his statement he wrote: "I am sure that under your presidency, Poland will prosper ever more within the European Union, and continue to be a positive force for European democratic development. The many challenges faced by Poland and indeed by the EU today can best be tackled through good cooperation and communication between partners."

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Visit of the prime minister of Finland Mari Kiviniemi


Mari Kiviniemi and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso and Finnish prime minister Mari Kiviniemi discussed today the global economic situation and how to regain confidence and growth. President Barroso explained the proposals to reinforce the EU's economic governance, and both leaders agreed that stricter and smarter rules are critical for the functioning of the Eurozone. "We need them quickly. We have no time to lose. I would like to have those new rules in place by the start of next year," president Barroso underlined.

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Congratulation message to the president of the Federal Republic of Germany


The German flag © Commons

President Barroso congratulated the new president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Christian Wulff. In his congratulation message he stated: "Your election comes at a time of great global challenges. We need a strong Europe to exit successfully from the international financial and economic crisis and to tackle climate change. I am convinced that Germany will continue to play its central role in the process of European integration, and that you will continue to contribute to this in your new position."

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Meeting between the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the European Union

I am completely convinced that this Presidency will provide the impetus needed to drive European policy forward.


José Manuel Barroso and Yves Leterme, Belgian Prime Minister © EU

The European Commission met the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. President Barroso stressed that Belgium will lead discussions on issues that are essential for the future of our Union: "We need to work on four key areas - restoring stability and recovering from the economic crisis, establishing new mechanisms for economic governance, introducing a new and stronger regulation of financial markets, and stimulating growth and employment through the Europe 2020 strategy."

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