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Meeting with the prime minister of Belgium, Yves Leterme

I am convinced that the Belgian Presidency will be a success


José Manuel Barroso and Yves Leterme © EU

President Barroso and prime minister Leterme discussed their cooperation and priorities during the Belgian Presidency. President Barroso expressed his confidence that the Commission and the Presidency "will work very closely together" on the supervisory matters, stronger economic coordination and governance in Europe. The president underlined that the proposed Europe 2020 strategy "is the way to look in a holistic manner at the economic challenges."

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Visit of the president of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan


Serzh Sargsyan © EU

Today president Barroso welcomed the president of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan by reaffirming the Commission's "strong commitment to stability and democracy in Armenia and our readiness to enhance our bilateral relations". Both leaders expressed their hope to start the negotiations on an Association Agreement soon. President Barroso expressed strong EU support for the efforts for resolution of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and normalisation of the relations between Armenia and Turkey.

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Global Jean Monnet Conference  


José Manuel Barroso © EU

Speaking today at the Global Jean Monnet Conference, President Barroso outlined how the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty contributes to the building of a "more political Europe". He expressed his views that in times of crisis Europe needs "swift and extraordinary measures", but above all a "more structured European response". The president is convinced that so far "the euro has been a success" and it will continue "as a success".

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Brussels Economic Forum 2010

We want to protect savers and investors, strengthen the stability of the financial system and of our economies


José Manuel Barroso © EU

At the Brussels Economic Forum 2010 today, President Barroso presented his view of the issues the crisis confronted Europe with and the way in which they need to be addressed. He stated that "the Community method has worked and produced results", but in his view "the European Union must have the tools to prevent future crisis and to deal with emergencies". He also announced a Commission initiative for the following day for a bank resolution to deal with insolvent banks, financed by banks themselves.

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Visit to Italy, 21-22 May 2010

This is the moment to address structural problems and eliminate the excessive spending and waste of public expenditure.


President Barroso © EU

During his visit to Italy, President Barroso spoke out in favour of a stronger economic governance in Europe and structural reforms that have been postponed for so many years. He also said that "it is true that there has been abusive behaviour in the financial markets and speculation against some of our member states. But it is also true that the speculators are surfing on a wave of excessive debt". He therefore called for fiscal consolidation and structural reforms. Barroso also praised the role Italy played in defending the stability of the euro area and welcomed its European commitment. Barroso met the Italian President Napolitano and Prime Minister Berlusconi and addressed the Biennial Conference of the Economic and Social Committee to highlight the importance of education and social inclusion in the Europe 2020 strategy.

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President Barroso receives decoration from the Order of Malta


Fra' Matthew Festing, Grand Master of the Order of Malta, on the left, and José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission © EU

President Barroso received "the Collar pro Merito Melitensi" from the Order of Malta, which is awarded to Heads of State as recognition of their activities and commitment. President Barroso feels deeply honoured by this award, which he sees as an expression of the fundamental values and concrete projects that link the European Commission and the Order of Malta. According to Barroso it also reflects the common commitment to support the poorest and to fight poverty and social exclusion.

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20 May - European Maritime Day


European Maritime Day logo © EU

At the European Maritime Day Stakeholder Conference, president Barroso said: "I see the Integrated Maritime Policy as an important example of joint up policy making for sustainable and inclusive growth in the context of our Europe 2020 strategy" and added that "without any doubt we will be able to move to a new level of ambition to the benefit of maritime sectors and coastal regions and all the Europeans living and working on the coasts and the seas".

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EU-Andean Summit, Madrid


Herman Van Rompuy, José Manuel Barroso and Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado, President of Ecuador © EU

Following the EU-Andean Summit, president Barroso outlined that the EU and the Andean Community share many important values and political objectives. The leaders had a wide-ranging discussion on climate change and in particular on the outcome of the Copenhagen Conference and the upcoming Cancún conference. They also discussed the fight against drugs and decided to give greater political impetus to our bi-regional dialogue. Other issues on the agenda included migration, human rights, the fight against discrimination, racism and xenophobia.

EU-Central America Summit, Madrid


Participation of José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC, at the EU-Central America Summit © EU

At the EU-Central America Summit the negotiations for an Association Agreement with Central America were formally concluded. This has been hailed as an historic moment in the EU-central America relationship. The Agreement is not only about the liberalisation of trade, investment, and public procurement between our regions. It is as importantly about our shared values: democracy, individual freedoms, labour and environmental rights, and the rule of law.

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EU-Latin America/Caribbean Summit, Madrid

Today marks a groundbreaking chapter in the EU relationship with our LAC partners and friends


Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, and José Manuel Barroso © EU

Speaking after the EU-LAC Summit president Barroso stressed that it is not only about rhetoric, it is about results. "We have officially launched today the Latin American Investment Facility," he stated and explained that they also agreed on the creation of the EU-LAC Foundation; resumed negotiations for an Association Agreement with Mercosur; successfully concluded negotiations on a new Association Agreement with Central America and welcomed the conclusion of negotiations for a multi-party Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru.

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The Latin America Investment Facility officially launched

Creation of the EU-LAC Foundation

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Chile - EU Summit, Madrid


José Manuel Barroso, Herman van Rompuy and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero © EU

At the time we celebrate five years of the full implementation of the Association Agreement, Chile is an important and much-valued partner for the EU, stressed president Barroso after the Chile-EU Summit. He welcomed the recently established Association for Development and Innovation, which will, Barroso said, "help us to extend our cooperation notably on areas such as innovation, investment, trade and education." Alongside intensification of policy exchanges on key global issues, biodiversity was also discussed.

EU-Cariforum Summit, Madrid


José Manuel Barroso and Herman van Rompuy © EU

After the productive EU-Cariforum Summit president Barroso expressed his satisfaction that our Caribbean partners and friends signed the Economic Partnership Agreement and now approved the rules of procedures: "That brings a new dynamic to our relationship, which entails mutual obligations and mutual advantages. This is a significant milestone in our relations with the Caribbean, which offers both sides important benefits and opportunities," stressed Barroso, who explained that they also validated the outline for the Joint EU-Caribbean Strategy.

EU-Mexico Summit, Santander


Migel Angelo Revillas, José Manuel Barroso, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Theresa Noceda © EU

"Mexico is one of the EU key strategic partners thanks to its increasing role on the international scene, its commitment to face global challenges and its important and thoughtful contribution to G20," said president Barroso after the EU-Mexico Summit and outlined the commitment to make a strong contribution to the G20 summit which will be chaired by Mexico in 2012. "I am confident that the macroeconomic dialogue we have decided to launch today will be of great help in that context."

Message of condolence on Tripoli plane crash


Rescue teams search site of the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane crash in Tripoli, Libya © Reporters

President Barroso sent the message of condolence to the Libyan authorities saying: "Excellency, I learned about the terrible plane accident that occurred this morning at Tripoli airport causing so many casualties. On behalf of the European Commission and on my own behalf I express our sincere condolences and our deepest sympathy and solidarity with the families of all the victims. Please accept, Excellency, the assurance of my highest consideration."

Congratulation to David Cameron, the new PM of the UK


Britain's new Prime Minister David Cameron with his wife Samantha © Reporters

President Barroso sent the following message of congratulations to the newly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP saying: "On behalf of the European Commission, I would like to offer you my warmest congratulations on your election as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I wish you and your Government every success in the demanding work ahead. Like all European Governments, you face difficult choices in difficult times."

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Joint Press conference on the Communication on reinforcing economic policy coordination

The Commission is seizing the moment to reinforce economic policy coordination and ensure more fiscal discipline in Europe


José Manuel Barroso

"The euro area’s governance and coordination of economic policies must be improved," said president Barroso at the Joint Press conference with Commissioner Rehn. He added that this will involve deepening and broadening economic surveillance arrangements to guide fiscal policy over the cycle and addressing divergences in growth, inflation and competitiveness. The Commission's proposal is centred around three interlinked pillars, outlined president Barroso: "They are what I call a Consolidation Pact. They are the foundations of a strong European economy."

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Message to the PM of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Flag of the Netherlands © EU

President Barroso expressed his great sadness to the prime minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, after he learned about the tragic loss of life resulting from the plane accident at Tripoli airport, which claimed 61 Dutch victims. President Barroso:"On behalf of the European Commission and on my own behalf, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to you and to the families of the victims. Please accept, dear prime minister, the assurance of my highest consideration."

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Statement on Estonia's readiness to join the euro area


 Estonia © EU

President Barroso presented the Commission's decision on its recommendation on Estonia's readiness to join the Euro today. President Barroso said: "Today we are clear that Estonia meets the conditions and should join the Euro on 1 January 2011. In all this debate, let's remember: nobody wants to leave the Euro, and others are seeking to join."

World Economic Forum on Europe 2010

Today's agreement will ensure that any attempt to weaken the stability of the Euro will fail


José Manuel Barroso © EU

At the World Economic Forum on Europe 2010 president Barroso underlined that in the space of 48 hours the European Union has concluded an agreement that enables us to respond in a coordinated, fast, effective manner to difficulties in any euro area member state. "But this deal is not only about assistance, it is also about further efforts of consolidation," the president said and added that the lesson from crisis is that if you want a monetary union, you should also promote an economic union.

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60th Anniversary of Schuman Declaration-Europe Day 2010


Statement by Robert Schuman at the Salon de l'Horloge © EU

On the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, president Barroso outlined the achievements by the European Union over the past decades and underlined that more needs to be done to face the challenges and demands of the 21st century. "Europe can succeed if it acts collectively, as a Union," the President said and reiterated that the Europe 2020 strategy gives a clear vision on how the EU can come out of the crisis stronger and how it can be turned into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.

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Statement of President Barroso following the meeting of the Heads of States and Government of the Euro Area, 7 May 2010

We will defend the Euro whatever it takes


José Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy © EU

President Barroso underlined that "we came out of our meeting tonight with a clear determination." He highlighted three lines of action: a "Consolidation Pact" for deeper fiscal consolidation; strengthened economic coordination and budgetary surveillance; and the urgent completion of financial market reforms. "The European Institutions - Council, Commission, European Central Bank and the Euro area Member States - will defend the Euro whatever it takes" concluded Barroso.

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Europe 2020 and a holistic approach to growth

The Europe 2020 strategy is not just an inspirational list of objectives, it's not just a vision - it's a reform programme


José Manuel Barroso © EU

In a debate on Europe 2020 in the European Parliament, president Barroso presented solutions, included in the Europe 2020 strategy, on how to get Europe out of the crisis. He stressed that action will be taken at the European level, but that the fact that reforms will have to be made in each of our 27 Member States was equally important: "We will make it clear what has to be done at European level and what has to be done at national level. And implementation will be the key."

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EU-Canada Summit, Brussels


Stephen Harper, Herman Van Rompuy and José Manuel Barroso © EU

President Barroso stated that the EU-Canada summit comes at the right time to also discuss collective responses to global challenges that partners will take up at the G8 and G20 summits hosted by Canada in June. He outlined that the pursuit of an open global economy will be at the core of the summits and added that to ensure a strong recovery, the G20 must send a clear message on exit strategies, global financial market reforms and the reform of the International Monetary Fund.

Read president's full statement following the EU-Canada Summit Joint press conference

Statement in advance of the Euro-area Summit

Commission will do whatever necessary to ensure that financial markets are not a playground for speculation


Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels © EU

President Barroso made a statement to the European Parliament prior to the Euro-area Summit. On the coordinated European mechanism of assistance to Greece, president Barroso outlined that the unprecedented financial support given to Greece and the adjustment programme are the adequate responses: "We have to say loud and clear that the doubters are wrong." He also addressed the lessons to be learned from the crisis and assured that Commission will do whatever necessary to ensure that financial markets are not a playground for speculation.

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Covenant of Mayors ceremony, European Parliament

What you are doing is unprecedented


Covenant of Mayors logo

At the Covenant of Mayors ceremony, president Barroso outlined how mayors are making a difference on climate change. He said that they represent the essence and spirit of the EU: "From the local level you are building a European and global initiative in the most genuine expression of Europe's democratic values." Barroso added: "What you are doing is unprecedented, and the eyes of the world are watching, with great interest. The Commission is committed to being your partner and your supporter."

EU conference: 500 cities pledge to reduce CO2 by more than 20%

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European Commission swears oath to respect the EU Treaties

The oath of independence and respect for the EU Treaties is more than a symbolic act


The Barroso II Commission © EU

The College of Commissioners has today sworn a solemn declaration at the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg, pledging to respect the EU Treaties and to be completely independent in carrying out their duties during their mandate. For the first time, the Commissioners also explicitly pledged to respect the new Charter of Fundamental Rights. President Barroso underlined that Commissioners today have made clear that they will uphold all the principles and values enshrined in the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental rights.

European Commission swears oath to respect the EU Treaties

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Statement of President Barroso on Greece

This is a solid and credible package


José Manuel Barroso

President Barroso welcomed the agreement with the Greek authorities of a multi-annual programme of fiscal consolidation and structural reform, jointly prepared by the EC together with the ECB and the IMF. "The Greek government, under the determined leadership of Prime Minister Papandreou, has committed to a difficult but necessary reform process to put the Greek economy on a sustainable path and restore confidence. The Commission considers that this agreed set of measures constitutes a solid and credible package."

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Read the joint statement by EU Commissioner Olli Rehn and IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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