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Expert Group "The economics of environment and resource use"

Commissioner Janez Potočnik established in 2011 a group of prominent economists in the field of environmental and resource economics in order to provide him with high-level advice on the following aspects:

  • the contribution that environmental policy can make to a better environment and green growth;
  • the optimal mix of policies to promote a better environment and green growth; and
  • how to better analyse the links between the economy and the environment and in particular resource efficiency.

The Expert Group operates as an independent advisory body to Commissioner Potočnik.

The group will meet around three times a year, under the chairmanship of the Commissioner. Its work will support the delivery of actions related to the flagship initiative on "A Resource Efficient Europe" under the Europe 2020 Strategy. In particular, the flagship called for a roadmap to define medium and long term objectives and the means needed for achieving them.