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A New Deal for Somalia: High-level event in Brussels

A New Deal for Somalia: High-level event in Brussels

On 16 September 2013, the EU and Somalia will jointly organise a high-level event entitled "A new deal for Somalia" in Brussels. Somalia's eight-year transition ended in September 2012 with the peaceful handover to a new Federal Government. Now, the conference aims to sustain the positive momentum in the country and to ensure that it stays on the path to stability and peace, bringing prosperity to its people.

The Brussels Conference will therefore bring together the international community and Somalia to endorse the so-called Compact – a key milestone of the process-, pledge support to enable its implementation and, above all, re-commit to this new political process.

EU Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said: "I am pleased to announce that the European Commission has today pledged €650 million to support Somalia and its people. After more than two decades, the Somali people urgently need to see progress in the provision of basic services. They deserve decent healthcare, clean water, a good education, and real hopes for a better future, like anyone else.  But partnership must be at the core of our efforts. We can only succeed in our aims if we work together. I hope that today’s conference will be a significant step towards achieving that."

The Compact is based on the New Deal principles agreed at the High-Level Forum for Aid Effectiveness in Busan in 2011. It will change the way the international community is working with Somalia and consists of: 1) sectorial top priorities following five peace and state building goals, 2) partnership principles and 3) implementation and monitoring arrangements.

The Compact includes mutually agreed proposals for the establishment of a new financial and coordination architecture for Somalia (the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility), underpinned by a mutual accountability partnership.

The European Union (EU) is engaged in Somalia through a comprehensive approach involving active diplomacy and direct support to development assistance, political process, security issues and humanitarian aid. The European Commission provides development aid in Somalia under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). The total allocation for Somalia for the current financing period (2008-2013) amounts to €521 million. The co-operation of the European Commission with Somalia focuses on three main areas of intervention: Governance, Economic Development and Education.

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