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I support the Child Health Now campaign

Every year, nearly seven million children in developing countries – equivalent to the population of Bulgaria – are still dying from largely preventable diseases before they even reach their fifth birthday.

Undernutrition is the underlying cause in over one-third of deaths of children under five. Moreover, because of undernutrition and frequent infections, around 170 million children in the world suffer from stunting (when their growth is held back due to a lack of access to nutritious food, immunisations or medical care) and are thus unable to fulfil their full potential.

In our world of breathtaking medical advances and technological progress, unprecedented levels of wealth and ever higher life expectancy, these figures are both shocking and shameful. That is why World Vision's Child Health Now campaign to bring world leaders and the general public together in a global movement to give children access to nutritious food, clean water and life-saving health services is so important – and it is why I am proud to give it my personal support.

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