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EU Commissioner Piebalgs participates in the UN panel on post-2015 development agenda


Commissioner Piebalgs will attend a meeting of the High Level Panel on the Post Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agenda which takes place on 26-27 March in Bali, Indonesia.


New funding to boost growth and access to energy in the Pacific


Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, today announced new EU funding which amounts to €10 million to boost access to sustainable energy in the Pacific Islands. Speaking ahead of the Pacific Energy Summit, due to take place in Auckland, New Zealand, on 24 - 25 March, the Commissioner underlined that the funding would provide access to affordable and safe energy to the poorest living in some of the most remote areas of the Pacific, helping to significantly increase trade and growth opportunities in the region.


New EU support to strengthen security in Somalia


Today the EU has decided to provide additional support of €33 million to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which plays an essential role in securing the country on its path towards lasting peace, prosperity and stability. The renewed EU support will allow AMISOM to continue to fulfil its mandate and to reach its total strength of 17,731 troops as authorised by the UN.


The EU steps up its response to fight money laundering and drug trafficking in West Africa


The European Union has launched a new project which will contribute to the fight against money laundering in Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Cape Verde. The project will help law enforcement agencies to better investigate money laundering, and thereby fight organized crime. At the same time, it will increase regional cooperation among these countries which are part of the "Cocaine route", i.e. the route used by South American drug cartels to ship drugs into Europe.


New EU policy to improve nutrition across the world and save millions of lives


The European Union steps up its efforts to fight against world hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. This is the goal of a new policy, just adopted by the European Commission, which aims to improve the nutrition of mothers and children in order to reduce mortality and diseases, as well as the impediments to growth and development caused by under-nutrition.


Commissioner Piebalgs celebrates the International Women's Day 2013


Today is the International Women's Day 2013 and a new Eurobarometer shows that Europeans think that having more women into leading roles in developing countries would make things better! Commissioner Piebalgs said: "Our aid programmes take women into account in everything from education and healthcare, to agriculture and energy, so I am delighted to see that the majority of Europeans agree with this approach."


More women in power in developing countries would make a positive difference


On the eve of International Women’s Day 2013, a new Eurobarometer shows that 78% of Europeans think that having more women in positions of political power in developing countries would ‘make things better’.


Commissioner Piebalgs and FAO Director-General underline support for nutrition and food security in Malawi


During a high level visit to Malawi, EU Development Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, and José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), will meet today President Joyce Banda to discuss the country's challenges on nutrition and food security and underline ongoing EU and FAO support in this area.


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