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Statement of Commissioner Piebalgs in reaction to the Eurodad report "Hitting the target?"

Welcoming the Eurodad report "Hitting the target?", Commissioner Piebalgs said: "Today is another great day for EU aid. After having been ranked in the top 5 of the most transparent donors worldwide, we are now confirmed as one of the most efficient and results-oriented as well.”

Eurodad's report clearly concludes that the European Commission is one of the best-performing donors when it comes to aid effectiveness principles. It compares specific programmes of six different donors and examines if they can deliver sustainable results in the long run. I am proud to say that the conclusion is a resounding success in terms of the work the European Commission does: in Eurodad's comparison, we achieve by far the best results.

“In times of crisis and budgetary constraint we must be able to prove that the aid we spend really makes a lasting difference and helps people out of poverty. It is great to hear from a neutral observer that the EU delivers on what we have set out to do. We are combining concrete results with pursuing the all-important principles of aid effectiveness.

“In the future we will target our funds on the poorest countries and where they can have the highest impact. The Commission has also proposed that all EU donors, Member States and Commission, should programme more of their aid jointly, to harmonise their work and avoid any waste of resources.“

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