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Joint declaration of EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries on Rio+20

Today, at the EU-ACP Ministerial meeting in Vanuatu, Ministers of the EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries agreed on a joint declaration ahead of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. The EU is represented by the EU Danish Presidency, with Mr Christian Friis Bach, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs and the European Commissioner for development, Andris Piebalgs. Commissioner Piebalgs stated: "This joint statement is a very positive signal that the EU and the ACP countries have many converging views and share the objective of a sustainable development of the planet".

Both parties reaffirmed their "strong belief that the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is a unique opportunity to ensure a renewed political and international commitment for advancing the sustainable development agenda based on the assessment of progress, in the fulfilment of those commitments made to date as well as on new and emerging challenges". They also  "acknowledge that a global transition to an all inclusive green economy could contribute to achieving sustainable development through inter alia, poverty alleviation, increased employment, improved land management, forest conservation, enhanced food security, improved management of water resources, resource efficiency and increased access to sustainable energy, while integrating and building on the value of natural capital and thus sustaining environmental resources and ecological services essential for development".

To read the whole declaration: Joint Declaration on Rio+20 - ACP-EU Council of Ministers (37th meeting, Port Vila, 14-15 June 2012) pdf - 22 KB [22 KB]

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