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Today, the European Commission adopted its proposal for the next multiannual budget covering the period 2014-2020

The overall objective was to maintain a modest budget, with the maximal added value and concrete impact on the lives of the 500 millions European citizens.

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The budget for external action covers different financing instruments, dedicated to geographical areas or thematic priorities. All in all, the Commission proposes to increase funding for external action, both to sustain its valuable action in the fight against poverty and to secure its presence in the world. Investing in external assistance is a smart investment, with a long-term vision. The EU and its partners have a mutual interest in making sure poverty steps back: less poverty means less trafficking, less illegal migration, less pandemics, less terrorism and insecurity. It is cheaper to eliminate root causes of the problem than to deal with the symptoms further down the line. In the current context, it makes more sense than ever to improve coordination of all Member States' aid: we will avoid duplication and get the highest impact.

The proposal for EU budget will also enable to maintain EU share of the commitment to reach to allocate 0.7% of GDP to aid by 2015.

The Commission also proposes to tailor its aid according to the realities of the world: we will provide more money to the poorest countries and we will work in partnership with emerging countries. We are aware that we can not treat Angola like Brazil or China

For more information and details of the Commission's proposal:

Multiannual Financial Framework website

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