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Empowering women projects

The 8th March marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. The EU is working to improve the lives of women and girls throughout the world.  Here you can find examples of how we help.




Empowering women in Zanzibar

Women in Unguja at Charawe shehia attended WEZA mobilization meetings to join WEZA groups.
WEZA members who were given tailoring trainings, display their handmade clothes to the visitors.
Zuhura Mattar from Kiuyu Maziwang’ombe reading loudly the teachers notes on the blackboard before her group members
WEZA members in Nganani have just completed the spice soap manufacturing. In the picture they measure the bar soap before cutting them into pieces ready for sale.
Ms Zawadi Hamdu makes a point during a discussion with her WEZA group known as “Mema Yao” at Mzuri village in Makunduchi Unguja South region
Islamic Sheikh Masoud Shaaban in Pemba teaches religion knowledge on fishermen especially those who put up fishing camps away from their homes famously known as "dago" on the need of providing maintenance to their families.
WEZA Group members of "Weka ni chako" who make part of nane nane beneficiaries, prepare their vegetable farm at Kiuyu Mbuyuni shehi in Pemb north.

Bangladesh — All girls to school: a key priority for the EU

Jannatul at school
Jannatul at school
Moina reciting in class at West Sheropara CLC
Sonia at West Sheorapara CLC
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