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Europeans are waiting for the Millennium Development Goals

Commissioner Piebalgs met with the representatives of the coalition of NGOs, unions, movements and solidarity groups, called 11.11.11. The coalition presented the message from the European citizens who are waiting for the world leaders to act (see the movie) and hand in the video to the Commissioner.

Commissioner Piebalgs welcomed the initiative and stressed the importance of proactive approach of the citizens. He argued that the strong support of European public and civil society organisations can only facilitate achievements of the MDGs.

On his side he promised to work hard towards the achievements of the MDGs and on mobilising Member States to deliver on their promises. As an example of the EU commitment he reminded that President Barroso announced an extra 1 billion Euro for the most off-tack and most committed countries to support their achievement of the MDGs.

The video message was demonstrated on 11 September during the "Long Wait- event" in Ghent. The video was also shown to President Herman Van Rompuy, Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme and many other politicians and stakeholders.




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