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Commissioner Piebalgs in New York, on the High Level UN Summit on the MDGs

On Monday (20/09), Commissioner Andris Piebalgs attended the opening session of the UN MDG Summit. He co-chaired a lively and well attended round table on the need to set up sound and transparent fiscal systems in developing countries. "A country with sound and efficient taxation systems, leveraging domestic resources, is a mature country which can develop on solid grounds" he said. He also met with Helen Clark, Administrator of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation between the European Commission and UNDP to foster efficient aid delivery in developing courtiers.

The Commissioner also met with Bob Geldof, who leads the ONE organisation together with Bono. They shared views on the future of development policy which has to be adapted to today's challenges and realities. They discussed about the recent announcement by the Commission to make an additional 1billion Euro available for the MDGs; but also on governance and accountability issues such as transparency of activates of corporations operating in Africa and environmental and energy sectors as potential drivers for growth in Africa.

You can watch the podcast from the round table.

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