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Drawing for a better and equal world

Andulce Chacón Camila Micaela, 10 years old, School San Ignacio, La Paz (Bolivia)

Around 50 000 children from all over the world, aged between 8-10, have participated in the 2010 edition of the international drawing competition on Gender Equality, organised by the European Commission. The Drawing Competition, organised for the fourth year in a row, has been able to mobilise and raise the awareness of both children and adults around the issue of gender equality.

Since the launch of the competition on International Women's Day on 8 March this year, the Commission received drawings from children in 61 countries from the four corners of the globe. The 14 final winners have now been selected and will be exhibited from 9 to 26 November 2010 in Brussels. The winners will also be awarded a prize of €1,000 each, which will be used to buy books, computers, pay for school or library fees or other education materials.

And the winners are….


  • Khushil Nagda, 9 years, Kenya
  • Ramboasalama Iderana Ny Andrianina, 10 years, Madagascar
  • Mabvuto Zimba, 10 years, Zambia
  • Asna Rashid, 10 years, Kenya



  • An Usa, 8 years, Cambodia
  • Abdullah Abid, 10 years, Pakistan


Caribbean and Pacific:

  • Shara Yoselyn Medrano Silva, 10 years, Dominican Republic
  • Ayesha Simran Chand, 9 years, Fiji


European Neighbourhood:

  • Tajana Dodov, 10 years, FYROM
  • Olga Chemachenko, 9 years, Ukraine


Latin America:

  • Andulce Chacón Camila Micaela, 10 years, Bolivia
  • Enrique Suárez Estrada, 10 years, Mexico


Mediterranean and Middle East:

  • Lila Ghezaili, 10 years, Algeria
  • Mohammad Izzo, 10 years, Syria


For more information, please go to the press release and the website of the International Competition on Gender Equality - The winning drawings 2010


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