Presentation of energy priorities by the Greek Presidency of the Council, 7 January, Brussels


At the energy working party of 7 January, the Greek Presidency of the Council presented its priorities: definition of a 2030 energy and climate framework, competitiveness and security of supply. They intend to adopt two sets of Council's conclusions: (1) on energy prices, protection of vulnerable consumers and competitiveness and (2) on the value of multilateral frameworks in the international relations in the field of energy (mainly Energy Community, but also UfM, IRENA, Energy Charter and its modernisation). The informal Council of 15-16 May will be dedicated to energy security (Southern Corridor and Eastern Mediterranean) and to the funding instruments for Projects of Common Interest and energy efficiency. The 20-21 March European Council is expected to give guidance on the 2030 framework, following Commission's proposals. The Greek Presidency considers having an orientation debate at the 4 March Energy Council and the 3 March Environment Council. The June Energy Council should follow-up on the result of discussions at the March European Council.