Energy Council, 12 December 2013, Brussels


Today the European Ministers for Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (TTE) met under the Lithuanian Presidency. Unfortunately they did not reach political agreement on the ILUC Directive. The European Commission had tabled the proposal for a new directive amending the directives on fuel quality and on renewable energy to address indirect land use change in autumn 2012. It aims at decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions from indirect land use change when growing the first generation biofuels, as well as limiting the use of food and feed sources for biofuels production, while existing investments should be protected.

The ministers also discussed progress on the completion of the Internal Energy Market. More efforts are needed to transpose the relevant EU law, develop energy infrastructure and end the energy isolation of some member states. Other priorities are boosting competition and diversifying our energy supply. Also on the agenda were the latest developments in the EU’s external energy relations focusing on our Eastern and Southern neighbours, the Energy Community and China.