Scotland and the North Sea Grid


On 28 February – 1 March Commissioner Oettinger visited Scotland to meet members of Scottish Parliament and representatives of the government. He also met renewable energy stakeholders in Edinburgh and participated in a stakeholder's meeting on the North Sea Grid in Aberdeen.

Oettinger said: "I am happy that we have reached a political agreement on the Commission’s offshore safety proposal with the European Parliament and the Council. This is a major step enhancing the safety of offshore oil and gas production everywhere in the EU and very important for Scotland which is the EU’s largest petroleum producer region. Aberdeen is the centre of the North Sea oil and gas industry serving many offshore fields."


The European Parliament and the Council recently reached an agreement on a Directive on the safety of oil and gas operations in the EU. The directive introduces clear safety rules which will ensure that the highest safety standards mostly in place in some Member States will be followed at every oil and gas platform across Europe. Furthermore, the new law will ensure that in the event of an accident the reaction will be effective and prompted and the possible damage to the environment and the livelihoods of coastal communities will be minimised. The European Parliament and Council are expected to formally approve the legislation in the coming months.