Internal Energy Market Communication

"When it comes to gas and electricity, citizens and businesses are interested in two things – security of supply at any time and affordable price. We will best achieve this with a functioning European energy market." Commissioner Oettinger said about the Communication on making the internal energy market work published on 15 November. He added that “Because of the significant investment in our energy systems that need to be made in this decade, we need a fully integrated energy market more than ever. Open and competitive markets are certainly better than any other economic model, when it comes to drive innovation and resources cleverly and to promote investment where it is most useful.”


Citizens' Energy Forum (London)

On 13-14 November, the fifth meeting of the Citizens' Energy Forum took place in London. The annual Forum, gathering consumer associations, citizens groups, regulators, the industry and the Commission aims to implement competitive, energy-efficient and fair retail markets for energy consumers. This year the discussions focused on building a consumer-centred vision of the retail market, consumers’ empowerment in energy policy, price transparency and comparability, on how to better identify and to protect vulnerable consumers and on smart meters.