Internal Energy Market Communication


"When it comes to gas and electricity, citizens and businesses are interested in two things – security of supply at any time and affordable price. We will best achieve this with a functioning European energy market." Commissioner Oettinger said about the Communication on making the internal energy market work published on 15 November. He added that “Because of the significant investment in our energy systems that need to be made in this decade, we need a fully integrated energy market more than ever. Open and competitive markets are certainly better than any other economic model, when it comes to drive innovation and resources cleverly and to promote investment where it is most useful.”


The Communication assesses the state of play of the internal energy market, to be completed by 2014. The document encourages Member States to step up efforts, highlighting the benefits of a truly integrated European market for citizens and business. It also identifies the need for further action in a number of areas including consumer protection, implementing and enforcing the existing rules and investing in the modernisation of energy infrastructure. The Commission will work with Member States to empower consumers and to reduce state interventions which distort markets.


Press release [IP/12/1214]