New Commission proposal on biofuels production


Günther Oettinger said: "This proposal will give new incentives for best-performing biofuels. In the future, biofuels will be saving more substantial greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our fuel import bill."


On 17 October the European Commission published a proposal to limit global land conversion for biofuels’ production, and raise the climate benefits of biofuels used in the EU. The use of biofuels based on food crops to meet the 10% renewable energy share in transport of the Renewable Energy Directive will be limited to 5%. This is to stimulate the development of alternative, so-called second generation biofuels from non-food feedstock, like waste or straw, which emit substantially less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels and do not directly interfere with global food production. For the first time, the estimated global land conversion impacts – Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) – will be considered when assessing the greenhouse gas performance of biofuels.

Press release [IP/12/1112]

Questions and answers [MEMO/12/787]