Resource- and Energy Efficiency from the Perspective of the Energy-Intensive Industries Dialogue Forum


Commissioner Oettinger delivered the key note speech at the Dialogue Forum on "Resource- and energy efficiency from the Perspective of the Energy-Intensive Industries" on 26 September in Brussels. This event gathered high representatives from EU institutions, industry and industry-related associations. The discussion addressed the necessity of intensified cooperation between policy makers and industry to reverse the dangerous trend of deindustralisation in Europe and the need for increased competitiveness. What Europe needs today is another 20% target related to the industrial value creation in the GDP, alongside the other 20/20/20 targets. More and more, energy and raw material prices are the key factor for the competitiveness of the European sector and well as the decisive element for investment decisions. The competitiveness of the European industry does not conflict with demands for resource efficiency and low carbon technology. On the contrary, it offers new opportunities when accompanied by a wise resource policy, and energy policy in particular.


Commissioner Oettinger said: "It is dangerous to divide industry into old and new. Without the steel sector, we will not be able to produce windmills, without the chemical sector we will not be able to place more and more efficient products on the market. Europe needs to embark on an urgent reindustrialisation process. Since 2000 the only three countries that maintain their share of industry in the GDP have been Austria, Germany and Netherlands. These are countries with stable economic growth, two of them with triple A ranking, net payers to the EU budget. What the industry needs today is the secure and affordable access to resources. In order to control further prices increases we need intelligent energy use and smart energy policy".