Commissioner Oettinger welcomes European Parliament vote on the decision on the intergovernmental agreements’ mechanism


Günther Oettinger said: "The Decision on intergovernmental agreements in the energy field is the first step to ensure transparency, solidarity and consistency with internal market rules in this area. We will closely monitor the effectiveness of the legislation and continue to encourage a more ambitious approach, reflecting the EU's challenges and far reaching objectives in the area of energy policy."


Today the European Parliament adopted the Kariņš report on the Decision setting up an information exchange mechanism for intergovernmental agreements between Member States and third countries in the field of energy. This piece of legislation will extend the obligatory notification of existing intergovernmental agreements in the gas sector to other energy sources. This allows for a more complete picture of agreements and for the analysis of potential incompatibilities they may include. The Decision also confirms the possibility for the Commission to participate upon request of a Member State in negotiations as observer and to provide advice to Member States. It also provides the possibility for the Commission to perform upon request from a Member State ex-ante compatibility checks of negotiated agreements. These elements are likely to increase compliance and consistency with internal market rules, legal certainty for investors and solidarity among Member States.