Commissioner Oettinger promotes benefits of Renewables with EnergizAIR


Commissioner Oettinger today at the Hotel Silken Berlaymont presented the weather report and the outlook for renewables in Europe in the framework of the ENERGIZAIR project. This project, which won the 2012 EUSEW award for the Communicating category,  includes indicators about the part of the energy needs that were covered thanks to renewable energy sources in the actual weather forecast. This kind of weather forecasts are broadcast in 15 media in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia.  As reported by the Commissioner,  for the Berliner families equipped with photovoltaic panels, the sun of last week provided enough electricity to cover 111% of their needs. And with all the wind farms of the country, enough electricity has been produced to power the equivalent of 12.850.000 households: one-third of the country. To know more about the project, which is financed through the Intelligent Europe Programme, visit:

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