First EU-China High Level Meeting on Energy


The EU-China bilateral relations are growing in breadth and depth through the inclusion of many new key areas of cooperation. Vice-Premier Li's visit to Brussels provides an important opportunity to further strengthen the EU-China partnership, takes stock of progress in the implementation of the 14th EU-China Summit held in February 2012 in Beijing and prepares the next Summit to be held this autumn in Brussels.

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Vice-Premier Li Keqiang's visit is marked by two important events:


The High Level Conference on Urbanisation


The First EU-China High Level Meeting on Energy


EU and China have signed at the High Level Meeting on Energy:

  • Joint Declaration on EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation pdf - 885 KB [885 KB] English (en) chamoru (ch)
  • EU-China Joint Declaration on Energy Security pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] English (en) chamoru (ch)
  • Joint Statement for Enhanced Cooperation on Electricity Markets between the European Commission and the State Electricity Regulatory Commission of China pdf - 420 KB [420 KB] English (en) chamoru (ch)