Speaking with one voice – the key to securing our energy interests abroad


Günther Oettinger said: "The EU energy policy has made real progress over the last several years. Now, the EU must extend the achievements of its large internal energy market beyond its borders to ensure the security of energy supplies to Europe and foster international energy partnerships. Therefore, the Commission proposes today a coherent approach in the energy relations with third countries. This need to improve internal coordination so that the EU and its Member States act together and speak with one voice."

In today's ever-changing global energy markets achieving EU energy security calls for adequate coordination at home and a strong and assertive position abroad. Today the Commission adopted a Communication on security of energy supply and international cooperation, setting out for the first time a comprehensive strategy for the EU's external relations in energy. Improved coordination among EU Member States in identifying and implementing clear priorities in external energy policy is central to the approach outlined by the Commission.

Press release [IP/11/1005, 07/09/2011]

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