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Draft mandate for negotiations with US on transfer of bank data for counter-terrorism purposes

24 March 2010

"Terrorism remains among the main threats that EU security has to face and we need to put in place tools that are up to the task, allowing for effective international cooperation" Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, responsible for Home Affairs has said today as the Commission adopted a draft mandate for negotiating bank data transfers with the United States government under the Terrorist Financing Tracking Programme (TFTP).

She added "the programme we propose to sustain with this EU-US agreement on the transfer of financial messaging data proved its effectiveness in the past and I am confident that it will continue to do so, granting at the same time the highest possible level of protection for EU citizens' personal data, allowing them to have right to administrative and judicial redress, ensuring greater monitoring thanks to a regular review process and making sure that requests for data must be approved by a judicial public authority. I will make sure that the European Parliame

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Today's proposal would give the Commission a mandate to negotiate a strong level of protection of personal data. It would also commit it to keeping the European Parliament fully informed at all stages of negotiations. The Commission wants to complete an agreement this summer to limit gaps in security.