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Financial Programming and Budget

The main priorities

Underlining my desire to improve the inter-institutional cooperation - my "consensus building priority" - I intend to adopt an ambitious forward looking agenda, focusing on the following challenges:

EU's annual budgets

Ensure a smooth adoption of annual budgets in accordance with the rules set out by the new institutional framework deriving from the Lisbon Treaty.
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Financial Framework 2007-2013

Actively manage the current Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) in order to improve the quality of implementation of the annual budget and to respond to the forthcoming challenges. Read more Read more

Financial consensus beyond 2013

Facilitate an inter-institutional consensus on and a smooth adoption of the next financial package, including a new, reformed Multiannual Financial Framework. Read more Read more

Improved financial rules

Present the triennial revision of the Financial Regulation and its implementing rules. Read more Read more