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Vice-President of the European Commission

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Ten Or More - top female talent for the EU top jobs

Below a text of the letter sent by myself and my colleagues to Commission President-designate Jean-Claude Juncker — about female candidates for the next European Commission. (Original letter here in .pdf).

Vision, Execution and Passion: Ana Maiques on being a female innovator

Today, ahead of International Women's Day, a blog from entrepreneur Ana Maiques. Ana is co-founder and CEO of Neuroelectrics, a Starlab spin-off, developing technologies combining brain monitoring, neuromodulation, virtual reality and gaming. She is also today announced as one of the winners of the European Women Innovators Award.

In conversation with Genevieve Bell of Intel

Before Easter I had the great pleasure to sit down with a wonderful person - Genevieve Bell - who I've long admired, and we discussed our experiences as women working in technology. The prompt was International Women's Day, but the value of the chat is much deeper. It's really about how we make the most of the great opportunities that come with technical progress and the internet.

International Womens' Day: making ICT and women work for each other

I'm convinced that womens' equality and ICT are two of the great trends of the last few decades imagine what we could achieve if we put them together and make them work for each other! Here's my message about how women across the world can use ICT to grasp these wonderful opportunities: (video subtitled in DE, FR, IT, ES, PL; or see it in Dutch / Nederlands]

Putting "girl power" into technology

How do we get the European workforce skilled to take part in the future digital economy? How do we ensure that no-one is shut out from these immense economic opportunities? That's a complicated question. But for me, we should for starters ensure that we're not excluding 50% of the population, and that girls and women do not feel the world of ICT careers is closed off to them. That's why I invited an impressive and wide-ranging group of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), and other experts, to discuss what can be done to promote ICT careers to women. I don't want to reduce the whole issue to stereotypes. But I do know that the current situation is extremely unbalanced, with girls woefully underrepresented, in both the ICT workforce and the fields of study which feed into it. I want to get "girl power" into ICT and technology – and by "girls" I don't just mean the young, but also the young at heart! And I want to avoid a situation where we neglect half of the population and then can't find the ICT workers we need 10 years from now.
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